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We pride ourselves in providing exceptional care for our patients. We work hard to make sure our patients are comfortable and well-informed on all relevant procedures. We offer a top-of-the-line facility, with the latest in technology, and a pleasant and caring atmosphere.

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Your procedure at Melville Surgery CenterIt is a privilege to provide our services to our ever-growing family of patients, and we are pleased to welcome any new faces.

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“This was my first surgery. From the time I walked in until the time I left, everyone made me feel comfortable, safe and well cared for. Thank you.”

– Anne, surgery center patient

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Compliance HelpLine
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We encourage employees, medical staff, vendors, patients, and business partners to report to Janice Stewart, Compliance Officer at 516.266.5014 or the Compliance HelpLine any actual or suspected violations of the Center’s policies and procedures and/or federal or state law. Calls received by the Compliance HelpLine are most often inquiries but can sometimes be reports of potential misconduct. Our investigatory process includes many methods to determine whether any misconduct occurred. Compliance takes all calls seriously. Inquiries are reviewed by the Compliance Officer and may also be reviewed by other applicable departments.
The Center’s Compliance HelpLine is available 24 hours a day, even days a week. Compliance HelpLine callers may remain anonymous and those who choose to give their name will have their identities protected to the extent allowed by law. The Compliance HelpLine has multi-lingual operators who can take reports from individuals whose first language is not English. The Compliance HelpLine can be reached by calling (800) 894-3226 or by visiting online or by scanning the QR code.