We know that everyone has questions about our facility’s procedures, performance, and the like. We would like to take the opportunity to answer our patient’s most frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that we have not answered here, please feel free to call us during our normal business hours at 631-293-9700.

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)?

Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is a medical facility for surgical treatment that doesn’t require admittance into a hospital. Our rooms are equipped with the same equipment found in hospitals – in fact, since an ASC is a dedicated surgery center, many times our rooms have more advanced equipment than most hospitals. An ASC environment offers a more relaxed environment, since our procedures are performed on otherwise healthy people who haven’t been suffering from long-term illnesses. Given the nature of our facility, we are also not interrupted by emergency care situations, and so we are able to dedicate 100% of our focus to our patients during surgery.

In addition, ASCs are more cost-effective for our patients, as any resources we receive are allocated exclusively to surgical care, as opposed to the variety of departments and specialties hospitals need to fund. Patients choosing Melville Surgery Center as their treatment facility will arrive on the day of surgery, will be treated in a fully equipped operating room, and be under the watchful supervision of our staff, without the need for a hospital stay.

How Common is it to Have a Surgical Procedure Performed at an ASC?

Almost 10 million surgeries are performed at more than 4,800 surgery centers throughout the United States each year. Over 50% of all surgeries are now being performed on an outpatient basis.

Why are Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s) Becoming so Widespread Throughout the Country?

There are many reasons. ASCs like Melville Surgery Center can be more convenient to doctors and patients than a hospital environment. Since the entire facility is set up to handle same-day surgical procedures, our operations are more streamlined and aren’t hampered by physicians worrying about other, unrelated hospital functions. Additionally, ASCs are more cost-effective for the patient, with treatments costing as much as 47% less than when performed at a hospital according to some studies.

Is Melville Surgery Center Subject to Government and Other Regulations?

Melville Surgery Center is licensed by the State of New York and as such is subject to numerous government regulations. Since Melville Surgery Center is also Medicare-certified , we are also subject to strict federal regulations. In addition, Melville Surgery Center is fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

Are All Surgeons at Melville Surgery Center Board Certified?

Yes. All attending physicians at Melville Surgery Center are fully certified according to the regulations set forth by the New York State for Board Certification or Board Eligibility for whatever medical specialty is applicable to each specific surgeon.

Is Melville Surgery Center Prepared for Emergency Treatment?

All of our operating and recovery rooms at Melville Surgery Center have emergency and defribulator equipment available on hand. Our medical staff is fully trained to handle emergency situations. In the event a patient needs hospital admission, you will be brought to North Shore University Hospital in Plainview .

How Early Can a Surgeon Begin Treatment?

Surgeries at Melville Surgery Center can begin as early as 7:00 AM.

Does Melville Surgery Center Contact Patients Prior to Surgery?

Prior to each procedure one of our medical staff members will call the patient to review their medical history and to provide pre-surgery instructions.

What Pre-operative Testing is Performed Prior to Surgery?

Your physician will determine which pre-operative tests should be performed based on each patient’s individual medical history and the results of their physical examination.

Does a Consent Form Need to be Signed by the Patient Prior to Surgery?

Yes. This can be done at our facility on the day of surgery.

Are Patients Billed for Deductibles and Co-Insurance?

Patients are responsible for deductibles, co-payments and remaining balances.